Brief Introduction

As the subsidiary of FUJIAN NANPING ALUMINIUM CO., LTD, ALUMINIUM ALLOY MATERIALS COMPANY (AAMC) has been committed to R&D and produce high-quality new AL-alloy materials. With our strong R&D capability and advanced detection means, by now, we have formed annual production capacity of 150000 tons of aluminium smelting, 200000 tons casting billets including alloy series 1*** to 9***

We total invest 200 million RMB in high-quality aluminium billets production line, which put into production in October, 2011. The annual capacity is 150000 tons, and we can produce the diameter from 4 inch to 21 inch including alloy series 1*** to 9***

Our high-quality aluminium billets production line achieve the international advanced level. For example, we have large German origin melting and holding furnace group, automatic loader and unloader machine, imported online refining and filter system, America Wagstaff Third-generation casting machine with automatic oil -gas slip lubrication system, homogenization furnace group and automatic saw- cutting machines dealing with any length of billets.

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ABB Hydrogen On-line Tester

The feature of our high-quality aluminum billets is as follows:

1. Customized configurate alloy composition precisely.

2. Ultra-low alkaline content with special on line refining method.

3. Adopt various combination methods for filter, such as high-grade tube filter, to ensure ultra-low inclusion content.

4. Use the latest casting method with autoflo oil -gas slip lubrication system to guarantee ultra-fine segregation layer and grain size.

5. Customized homogenizing treatment with special equipment.

Our products are widely used in aviation, automobile, IT, etc high-tech fields after extrusion or forging, such as aviation cockpit chair, automobile micro channel flat tube, bumper, automobile forging al.wheels, forging control arm, mobile phone shell , tablet PC, laptop shell, photosensitive drum, hard disk, magnetic arm, etc.

We are the major billets supplier of al-alloy micro channel manufacturers in the world, which also export to Europe, South America and Asia. The annual capacity of high quality billets for micro channel aluminum profiles use has exceeded 40,000 tons. It is the largest billet production base of micro channel profiles in domestic.We establish the close business contact with more domestic manufacturers of forged aluminum wheels. The annual capacity of high quality billets for forged al. wheels has exceeded 20,000 tons. It is the largest al-alloy production base of forged al. wheels in domestic. Meanwhile, as the important raw materials manufacturers in auto industry, our aluminum alloy materials co. has passed the system audit by more Japanese, German, etc. major automobile & its parts manufacturers, and provided the qualified billets in extrusion and forging use for the downstream automobile part firms. Recent years, with the using of alloy materials in the area of mobile phone and laptop, our high quality billets of alloy series 6*** &7*** are also widely used in the advanced area of mobile phone and laptop. The annual output is over 20,000 tons.

FUJIAN NANPING ALUMINIUM CO., LTD has strong ability on analyzing and testing metal materials to ensure the quality of products. For example, our central laboratory is state-certified, which contains scanning electron microscope, energy disperse spectroscopy, automatic&high-grade on line flaw detector, besides the Ordinary analysis equipment, such as spectrometer, hydrogen gauge, and microscope.