a) Aluminum Electrolyzing, Melting and Billet Casting Line

A glimpse of advanced and environmental electrolytic workshop
Advanced intrenal-led hydraulic casting and airsliplubricated casting technolohy imported from U.S.A.The max diameter of billet could reach 381mm

b) Extrusion Presses

The company has 38 presses from 5MN to 55MN and most presses are imported from Europe and USA. Now the output of aluminum extrusions is 75000 tons one year.

The 5500T extruder,imported from Italy, can manufacture various large-sized curtain wall and industrial aluminum profiles.

c) Anodizing Line

Aluminum anodizing equipment, the key technology of which was introduced from France and Italy, producessections in various colours like silvery white,bronze,champagne or light golden.

d) Vertical Powder Coating Line


e) Fluorocarbon Spraying (PVDF) Line

The captial equipment of two Fluorocarbon spraying production line are introduced by world-leading Japan Ransburg Company, the whole process of spraying is controlled with an automatic system.

f) Wood-like Printing Line

g) Vertical Quenching Furnace


h) Thermal-break Line


i) Die Design and Making Line


j) Some Quality Inspection Facilities

Our Center-laboratory was awarded the Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories. As a national laboratory, to meet the national standard of aluminum profile, we adopt many high precision Inspection facilities, some would be as follows:

S.N Name Spec Qty Place of origin
1 Direct-reading Spectrograph PDA-5500 1 Japan
2 Electron tensile testing machine AG-100KW 1 Japan
3 Eddy current thickness gauge E111 1 Germany
4 Digital coating thickness gauge CTG-10 4 Beijing
5 large-type metallurgical microscope XJG0.58um 1 Nanjing
6 Brinell's machine HD9-454kg 1 Shanghai

Micro Mutil-angle Goerz glossmeter Goerz

MultiGlss268 1 BYK Co.
8 Spectro-guide CG5 1 BYK Co.

Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres--Salt spray tests

YWS/Q-250 1 Wuxi
10 Cupping testing machine BT660KN 1 Yangzhou
11 Hardness of coat Model1291 1 BYK Co.
12 Impact of coat Model1 1 BYK Co.
13 Adhesive power of Coat Model1295 1 BYK Co.
14 High & low temperature test box _20íŠ-100íŠ 1 Jinan
15 Constant temperature humidity
and heat test box,
HS-225B 1 Wuxi
16 Film thickness bend detector QTY-32 1 Tianjin
17 Buchholz indentation t gauge QHY 1 Tianjin
18 Direct reading spectrometer DV-4100 1 U.S.A
19 Atomic absorption spectroscopy WFX-1F2B2 1 Beijing
20 Webster Hardness Testing Machine B 2 Germany