Product Information
PVDF Panels

Our main product, fluorocarbon-spraying aluminum cladding, is made from excellent curtain wall sheet by metal processing, pre-treatment and painting of patent authorized kynar500PVDF, with characteristics of lightweight, dust and fire prevention, quakeproof, heat insulating, sound insulating, no fissure, no fade, no chromatic, the products had reached to perfect combination of functionality and decoration.

1. Processing techniques of Fluorocarbon Spraying Aluminum Panel

Including aluminum sheet metal forming, welding and assembly polishing, Pre-Treatment before Powder Spraying and F-C paint electrostatic spraying. The technical processing procedure of products as follows:

Curtain wall aluminum sheet↙ cutting↙ piercing﹜shearing↙ metal forming↙ welding-on forming↙ assembly﹜polishing ↙metal processing finished product↙ crating ↙acid degreasing↙ water rinsing↙ water rinsing↙ chromising ↙clear DI water rinsing↙ clear DI water rinsing↙ dripping↙ baking↙ conversion↙ loading↙ dust-cleaning↙ primer spraying↙ primer ↙ top coat spraying↙ top coat ↙finishing paint spraying↙ finishing paint flatting↙ paint film solidify↙ power and free cooling↙ discharging ↙ test ↙ packaging ↙ storage.

2. Processing Procedure of Fluorocarbon Spraying Aluminum Panel

Including the following several steps: design, raw material sourcing, processing, testing, packing and transportation. We have adopted the QEO Management System to realize the Grading Management.

1ㄝ Design control:

Planning - Under the premise of in meeting customer requirements and quality of the progress ,formulating a detailed schedule, quality control plans and identify points for various stages;

Accreditation - All plans and schemes must go through the company's comprehensive assessment by relevant departments to ensure the veracity.

Confirmation - The final processing drawings must get the confirmation from both the designer and contractor;

Data-- To ensure that all the professional standards, norms are the latest effective version .All plans and schemes and the final processing drawings should be filed in time.

2. Raw materials purchasing:

Raw materials will be determined according to the designer*s and contractor*s requirement. We use high-quality aluminum plate for curtain wall (meet the requirement of Aluminum curtain wall panel 每baseplate YS/T 429.1-2000) to ensure the product*s quality. Use hot extrusion aluminum profiles with high-strength as the stiffener, purchase stainless steel bolts connector, and layout the separation distance according to the designer*s requirements of layout pitch. While the sourcing department purchasing raw materials, inspection department will make a test on the material, physical properties, surface quality and size according to the relevant inspection standards for then issue an official performance reports, only qualified material can be used for production.

3. Processing:

We have realized full automatic control of production process by introducing paint spraying production lines and CNC sheet metal processing equipment purchased from Ransburg, Japan. Production strictly in accordance with the processing plans; all parts of the material must meet the existing relevant standards* requirement; all the testing tools and measuring tool in the workshop should have a mandatory periodic inspections; all operators should get technicians licenses and take biannual job training; implementation of procedure tracing system to show all detailed processing information.

4. Testing:

QEO management system in strict carried out according with the requirements of the China GB/T5237.1 ~ 5-2000, YS/T429.1 ~ 2-2000, U.S. AAMA2605-98, and other relevant standards to ensure our service, quality, technology, management reach the first-class standard. All the test tools, measuring tools, raw materials, processing procedures, and sheet metal finished product or coating finished product should be take mandatory periodic inspections ; substandard goods should be segregated in accordance with the "Reject product management regulation" .

5. Packing and transportation

We will take perfect measures to protect the products during packing and transportation according to the national standards strictly.

Technical performance and quality parameters

1. Product specification and relative regulation

1.1 Product name: fluorocarbon-spraying aluminum cladding

1.2 Specification: according to the architectural design and molding.

1.3 Technical standards and regulations used for design, manufacture, installation and maintenance inspection.

Aluminum curtain wall panel 每baseplate YS/T 429.1-2000
Aluminum curtain wall panel--Fluorocarbon Coated Aluminum Panel YS/T 429.2-2000
Wrought aluminium alloy--Extruded profile for architecture GB/T 5237.1
Technical Code for Metal and Stone Curtain Walls Engineering JGJ133-2001
Aluminium and aluminium alloy rolled sheet GB/T3880-2006
Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy〞Designation system GB/T16474
Temper designation system for wrought aluminium and
aluminium alloy
Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy〞Designation system GB/T16476
Technical Code for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering DBJ08-56-96
Building curtain walls JG3035-1996
Load code for the design of building structures GB50009-2001
Uniform Standard for Construction Quality Acceptance of
Building Engineering
Code for construction quality acceptance of building decoration. GB20210-2001
Anodizing of aluminium and aluminium alloys--General
specifications for anodic oxidation coatings
Metallic materials-Bend test GB/T232
Metallic materials-Tensile test GB/T228
Fasteners; Clearance holes for bolts and screws GB/T5277
Mechanical properties of fasteners-Bolts,
screws and studs made of stainless-steel
Mechanical properties of fasteners-Nuts made of stainless-steel GB/T3098.1
Graduation of physical performances for curtain walls GB/T15225-94
Test method of air permeability performance for building curtain walls GB/T15226-94
Test method of deformation under wind pressure for building
curtain walls
Test method of water penetration performance for building
curtain walls
Test method for performance in plane deformation of curtain walls GB/T18250-2000
Shaking table test method of earthquake
resistant performance for building curtain wall
Code for seismic design of buildings GB011-2001
Code of Design on Building Fire Protection and Prevention GBJ16
Design code for protection of Structures against lightning GB057
Thermal Design Code for Civil Buildings GB176-95
Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and
Test Procedures for Superior Performing Organic Coatings
on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels

2. Major technical parameters, property and manufacturing level.

1. The tolerance of aluminum cladding*s length and width should conform to the following table:


Size rangeㄗmmㄘ












2. It is allowed that existing a tolerance of +0.5mm in the folding height (no more than 100mm, subject to the drawing).

3. The folding angle tolerance should not exceed 2∼.

4. The planeness tolerance should conform to the following table:

Size Tolerance
Non-piercing piercing
≒2000/m ≒1.5 ≒2.5
>2000/m ≒2.0 ≒3.0

5. The average thickness of dry paint film should be ≡40米m, dry primer film thickness should be ≡7-10米m, dry finish coating thickness should be ≡20-25米m, and dry clear coating thickness should be ≡10-15米m. Minimum partial thickness should be ≡35米m˙

6. The dry film hardness should be no less than 1H;

7. Dry film adhesion: cutting width should be 1/16∪ or 1.5mm after Cross Cut Adhesion Test.

8. Dry adhesion: The dry film on the cross-cut region should not be abscised and displaced after Cross Cut Adhesion Test, and it should meet the requirement of 0 Grade.

9. Wet adhesion: After the cross cut test, soak the sample in the distilled water or demonized water at 38㊣5⊥ for 24H, the testing region should not be abscised and displaced.

10. Boiling water adhesion: After the cross cut test, soak the sample in the distilled water at 95⊥ or more for 20 Min, the testing region should be no abscission and bubbles.

11. Impact Resistance: No crack or abscission of the dry film after impact test.

12. Abrasion resistance: The abradability coefficient should not be less than 0.7871/米m after knock out test.

13. Resistance to Hydrochloric acid: After 15 Min, no visible bubbles and other exterior changes on the surface.

14. Resistance to Nitrate: After 30 Min, color should be no significant change on the sample surface, color difference of which should be no more than 5 units 忖E;

15. Resistance to detergent: The dry film adhesion should not be decreased, no bubbles and visible exterior changes after 72H detergent test.

16. Resistance to humidification: Bubbles* quantity and size should be conform with the requirements of AAMA2605-98, after 3000H humidification test at 40.8⊥ㄛ100ㄔRH.;

17. Resistance to salt fog: Lacerate the dry film to exposure the matrix, corrosion flowing mark to the line should be less than 2mm after 300H;

18. Weather resistance: Dry film should be no changes at ㊣40⊥;

19. Exterior performance of decorative covering: The coating should be smooth, uniform color, no visible flowing mark, furrow, crack, scratch, inclusion or other surface defects which will affect the using function;

20. Glossinessㄩthe gloss degree should be 30㊣5 when testing by 60 degree glossmeter.

3. Suitability, advanced, stability, reliability and long service life, as well as the technical characteristics of products

Fluorocarbon coating is a kind organic coating based on Kynar500 ? PVDF fluorocarbon resin and commixed metal particles or mica crystal toner. Fluorocarbon base material*s chemical structure is based on the combination of fluoride / carbon chemical bonds. Such kind of integration is still considered the most stable and solid one, its durability is outstanding among all the coating. Its excellent performance on maintaining color and luster on the material surface enable a long-term protection of the distinctive hue and beautiful appearance of metal building material surface. Therefore, it enjoys the incomparable superior performance compare with common paints

Fluorocarbon Paint enjoys the following benefits:

← Weatherability 每Resistant to inclement weather and free from the ozone invasion.

← UV-resistant 每 With UV degradation function, high-performance on pulverization resistance, maintain color and luster for a long time.

← Chemical resistance 每 Free from acid erosion and alkaline liquid erosion as well as air pollution and acid rain.

← Corrosion resistance - Low permeability of oxygen, humidity and corrosion particles. It can withstand hostile environments without corrosion for a long time

← Mechanical properties - With excellent performance on impact resistance, wearability and film flexility.

← Anti-mildew and bacteria fouling 每 Excellent moisture resistant performance can prevent the growth of mildew.

← Economic benefits - Easily maintained for it frees from dirt accumulation so that can minimize building maintenance work and costs.

Cold Rolled Products

After sales service promise

1. Delivery qualified products to the appointed destination on time according to the contract. We will provide excellent technical support during the construction course.

2. Commitment to materials*quality

ㄗ1ㄘWe will select excellent aluminium sheet for this project, and make reliable pre-treatment on the workpiece surface to ensure the quality of electrostatic fluorocarbon spraying .

ㄗ2ㄘFluorocarbon paint use in this project will be determined by seller and buyer*s negotiation. We recommend paints from AKZONOBEL and PPG due to their excellent performance. Paint supplier and us would provide 10 years warranty for the coating film.

ㄗ3ㄘWe can provide the shortest machining cycle since we have some advantages such as excellent aluminium sheet storage, well cooperation with international paints manufacture, advanced production equipment and more than 50 years* rich experience in the aluminium industry. We can provide the best product in the shortest time according to the ISO9001:2000 certificate other authentication documents we have got.

4. After-sales procedure

All the products of Fujian Nanping Aluminium Sheet&Strip Co., Ltd enjoy after-sales service as following:

ㄗ1ㄘResponsibilities of various departments: the relevant area manager and sales should visit customers regularly and collect feedback information about products then submit to the company headquarter; Sales department is responsible for transferring customer*s complaints to the production department and QC department; QC department should propose solutions and provide maintenance services as well as make real-time monitoring of production line to ensure the product quality. Production department should identify the reasons of complaints and propose practical solutions.

ㄗ2ㄘWorking procedures: Area managers and sales should visit customer regularly and collect feedback of product information. We will identify the situation quickly on site according to the customer*s requirement, analyze the reasons and complete the project quality record and put forward the fastest practical solutions. Production department will identify the reasons and propose practical solutions and implement them. After maintenance and replacement of product finished, we will transfer the product to customer for acceptance inspection and get the acknowledgement of receipt for reference. QC department is responsible for the supervision of the service work.

ㄗ3ㄘQuality of after-sales service: Products in warranty period enjoys free repair or free replacement ,if the damage is caused by non-users reason or product quality ;if the damage is caused by improper use or man-made damage, we just charge repair costs. If product not in warranty period suffers damages, we will solve this problem by negotiation.

ㄗ4ㄘAcceptance of after-sales service: after each repair, replacement work, we will transfer the products to customer for acceptance inspection and get the acknowledgement of receipt for reference. General affairs office is responsible for after-sales service work supervision to ensure the rapid settlement of customer complaints.