Production Equipment

1. Production equipment for aluminum strip

At present, we have four aluminum casting and rolling production line and one high precision aluminum sheet cold rolled production line. The aluminum casting and rolling production line had adopted super casting line produced by Italy FATA HUNTER ,the max width of its product is 1850mm, max thickness is 5-8mm and max roll weight is 11 ton, these features made this product line reached to the top technical level in domestic market. Most of the key controlling system such as the 1850mm aluminum strip 4-H cold rolling mill AGC/AFC, recoiling dividing line, aluminum strip slitting line, transverse cutting line, tension-leveling line and CNC rollers grinder are all imports. Our overall equipment reaches the leading level in China Mainland and our products range from aluminum cast-rolling strips and curtain wall panel, universal panel ,high precision aluminum plate and strip(plates, strips &foils). We has improved our product¡¯s quality & EVA greatly and established leading position in its field.


Casting and Rolling Production Line

Cold rolled Production Line

2. High precision CNC metal processing production line

Metal processing selects high quality exclusive aluminum sheets for curtain wall as raw materials. By introducing so many advanced high precision metal processing facilities such as CNC hydraulic shear machine( Belgium LVD/ Canada ACCURPRESS), CNC turret punch press(FINN-POWER),CNC plasma cutter( Canada ACCURPRESS), notch cutting machine(Switzerland STRIEBIG), degree shearing machine(Italy DAVI), argon arc welding machine(Finland KEMPPI), bolt welding machine(Germany HBS, Germany SOYER), taw aluminum sheets are made into high grade metal finished products through a series processing of unloading, shearing, piercing, bend forming, welding and surface polishing. The biggest work piece¡¯s length can reach to 6m; the width can reach to 1.8m. The annual capacity of our production facilities reaches to 500 thousand square meters and established a leading position in domestic marketing.

CNC 6m Hydraulic Shearing Machine purchased from Belgium LVD Co., Ltd Double linkage CNC 6m Hydraulic pressure bending machine purchased from Belgium LVD Co., Ltd
CNC turret punch press purchased from Finland FINN-POWER Co., Ltd
CNC plasma cutter purchased from ACCURPRESS Co., Ltd Arc Welding Machine purchased from Canada Finland KEMPPI Co., Ltd

3. Facilities for Pre-Treatment before Powder Spraying

We had adopted high reliability Slot-pickling type pre-treatment system and some key technical slots such as acid degreasing, chromating , baking slot and several clear DI water rinsing slot in the production procedure. We can deal with all kinds of complex surface treatments drastically and avoid the indetermination of spraying treatment by using high-quality clean DI water rising provided by water purification system purchased from France. Such treatments provide reliable preprocessing -quality assurance before paint spraying on work pieces.

Fluorocarbon Spray Paint Water treatment system Pre-Treatment before Powder Spraying Product Line

4. Automatic Static Spraying System

The automatic Spaying System with RANSBURG automatic air static sprayer (Japan) and RANSMACS intelligent control system is most world advanced.

Fluorocarbon Spray Pain Product Line RANSMACS Intelligent Electrostatic Spray Controlling System

Fluorocarbon Spray Pain Product Line RANSMACS Intelligent Electrostatic Spray Controlling System

It takes some advantages on the following aspects:

¡ïThe MARK II static air sprayer of Japanese RANSBURG is suitable for spraying of low flux, low pressure and high pulverization, it can realize stable paint supply adopting gear pump of fix quantity that causes homogeneous paint covering.

¡ïThe metal branches for paint could be well protected due to inner high pressure module in sprayer and special inner spiral coil that is quite suitable to metal paint spraying in avoid of chromatism.

¡ïRANSMACS intelligent control system can realize three dimensional control of sprayer by testing figure of work-piece, and assure perfect spraying on any surface by auto dimension adjustment on direction of up and down, front and back, depth, and inclination device of sprayer. Meanwhile auto memory of every technical parameter can avoid chromatism on different batch of products. The advanced water-curtain spraying room from HADEN Company of England could insure stability of each parameter in spraying room.

¡ïPaint film solidifying furnace can control baking temperature stably by six-dots on line temperature tester, the work-piece keeps equal temperature during baking, so it could meet strict solidifying conditions of fluorocarbon coat and insure surface coat with high quality. Appraised by National Science and Technology Committee, the world advanced fluorocarbon spraying product line is the best on equipments and technology in China.

5. Some production facilities:

S.N. Name Spec Qty Place of origin
1 Super Caster Line 1850mm 4 ITALY
2 Four-high cold mill 1850mm 1 Key parts are imported
3 Recoiling dividing line   1 Key parts are imported
4 Strip Slitting Line   1 Key parts are imported
5 Transverse Cutting Line   1 Key parts are imported
6 Tension-leveling Line   1 Key parts are imported
7 Annealing Furnaces Line 50 ton 1 Key parts are imported
8 High Precision Rollers grinder   1 Key parts are imported
9 CO2 fire-fighting system   1 Key parts are imported
10 Full-automatically Powder
Coatings Electrostatic Spray
11 Manual Powder Coatings
Electrostatic Spray
12 Water curtain type Painting
  12 Hayden£¬Britain
13 CNC Shear Machine ES223 1 ACCURPRESS
14 CNC Hydraulic Shear Machine LVD-HD HST-E 60/6 3 Sino-Belgian Join-Venture
15 Hydraulic Shear Machine LVD-HD QGO40/6 2 Sino-Belgian Join-Venture
16 CNC Hydraulic pressure
bending machine
LVD-HD 2-PPEB 110 2 Sino-Belgian Join-Venture
17 CNC Hydraulic pressure
bending machine
PS10040K(AS) 1 Shanghai
18 Hydraulic pressure bending
LVD-HD 2 Sino-Belgian Join-Venture
19 Notch cutting machine 6216 1 STRIEBIG
20 Degree shearing machine AV200/6R
2 Italy
21 CNC Multi-situation Tool
Turret Punch
22 CNC plasma cutter HD3070 1 ACCURPRESS
23 Inclinable press JG23-40A-SM 1 Jiangsu
24 Inclinable press J23-25A¡¢16 4 Jiangsu
25 Three-high press bending
ZDW11X-4*4000 1 Jiangsu
26 Four-high CNC press bending
MCB4042 1 DAVI£¬Italy
27 Imported Argon Arc Welding
Master AC/DC2500 10 KEMPPI, Finland
28 Imported bolt welding machine BMS-8N 10 HBS,Germany

6. Some Quality Inspection Facilities

Our Center-laboratory was awarded the Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories as a national laboratory. To meet the national standard of aluminum panel, we adopt many high precision Inspection facilities, some would be as follows:

S.N. Name Spec Qty Place of origin
1 Direct-reading Spectrograph PDA-5500 1 Japan
2 Electron tensile testing machine AG-100KW 1 Japan
3 Eddy current thickness gauge E111 1 Germany
4 Digital coating thickness gauge CTG-10 4 Beijing
5 large-typemetallurgical microscope XJG0.58um 1 Nanjing
6 Brinell's machine HD9-454kg 1 Shanghai
7 Micro Mutil-angle Goerz glossmeter Goerz MultiGlss268 1 BYK, Germany
8 Spectro-guide CG5 1 BYK, Germany
9 Corrosion tests in artificial
atmospheres--Salt spray tests
YWS/Q-250 1 Wuxi
10 Cupping testing machine BT660KN 1 Yangzhou
11 Hardness of coat Model 1291 1 BYK, Germany
12 Impact of coat Model 1 1 BYK, Germany
13 Adhesive power of Coat Model 1295 1 BYK, Germany
14 High & low temperature test box -20¡æ-100¡æ 1 Jinan
15 Constant temperature humidity
and heat test box,
HS-225B 1 Wuxi
16 Film thickness bend detector QTY-32 1 Tianjin
17 Buchholz indentation t gauge QHY 1 Tianjin
18 Direct reading spectrometer DV-4100 1 U.S.A
19 Atomic absorption spectroscopy WFX-1F2B2 1 Beijing
20 Webster Hardness Testing Machine Type B 2 Germany